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Sunday 13th August 2023

PROPRESS professional steamers have been the highest-quality, longest-lasting, most-reliable clothing steamers on the market for over four decades. What is their secret? They simply love fabric. They know the importance of speed, value, quality and service to their customers too. This is why they are still the steamer of choice for some of Australia’s leading brands.
As retailers, there should be nothing worse than presenting new clothes in store that are creased and flat. A garment steamer from Propress penetrates even the thickest fabrics, plumping up the fibres and rejuvenating the texture leaving them soft, smooth and crease-free.

A Propress garment steamer is so much faster, safer and quicker than ironing. Clothes hang naturally, making it easier to steam on the hanger. An added bonus, steaming is cleaning! Steaming garments is a more hygienic and sustainable way to care for fabrics. So an investment into a steamer has its multi-faceted benefits.

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July 10, 2023