Mechmoto Apparel

Mechmoto Apparel

Winter 2025 is looking exciting. The new look in shirting is embroidered and embossed fabric – a nice change from the bold prints that have been around for a while.   Smaller geos and micro florals are still an important look .  Following from Summer, linen is still an important look with plain and printed winter-weight linens becoming more important.  For knitwear, it’s about cables and texture detail.  Longer jackets seem to have slowed down with the shorter and mid-length jackets becoming a more important look.  All about fabric texture and colour.

Chinos are still very strong and Mechmoto will continue to carry on with the luxury-handle 5 pocket chino pants.  This is an ongoing stock service item, and is available within 3 days of ordering the stock.  Denims are growing stronger, with less fuss on the denim jeans. It’s all about the wash, and raw unwashed denim is once again coming into fashion.

The cut and sew knitted top is becoming a stronger item for Winter – easier to layer and cheaper than the fully fashion knit.   It all about texture and fancy neck detail.

3 years on, Mechmoto continues to grow. Our strengths are our fabrics, easy fit, good value quality and service.

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May 14, 2024